This Biomiic resumes part of the results from a study spearhead by researchers at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) regarding cancer inmunotherapy and published in Nature Communications. LIF is a protein that among other functions protects embryo from its mother’s inmune system. Cancer cells uses LIF in the same way to protect themselves from our inmune systemElevated LIF expression in cancer cells disables the anti-tumor alarm system and stops the immune system from thwarting cancer’s plans. More specifically, the researchers have shown that LIF inhibits the CXCL9 gene, a protein expressed by our macrophages which acts as a signal to lure immune system T cells. LIF blockade by specific antibodies reactivates the alarm to call an anti-tumoral immune response and induces tumor-infiltrating T Cells to hone in on and eliminate cancer. So, blocking LIF induces these immune system soldiers to invade, attack and destroy tumors.

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